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What's Happening With The US Greens

Currently Happening Across the United States

(Links are from "Press Releases,"  "In The News,' and Commentaries" from above) 

Dec. 2020

Nov. 2020​

Oct. 2020

  • 2020 Green candidates challenge at every level of government

  • Dems Are Pulling Their Punches On Extremist Barrett’s SCOTUS Nomination, Say Green Party’s Federal Candidates

  • The independent candidate who could decide the Senate

  • 'I don't want to settle for the status quo'

  • Third-party vote is not wasted

  • Savage says health care needs are Maine's top issue in Senate race

  • Utah election watch: The battle over the Salt Lake County mayor's seat

  • Student environmental activists rally for environmental justice in Elizabeth

  • On the issues: U.S. Senatorial Candidate Lisa Savage

  • Green Party candidate Muller Paz challenges incumbent democrat in Baltimore’s 12th district

  • Questions for the 2020 Candidates: Ward 3 Council Craig Cayetano

  • During open debate, third party candidates say it's really the major parties who are the spoilers

  • Beyond the great divide

  • Green Party, Libertarian candidates in Illinois US Senate race discuss the issues

  • Demonstrators pull body bags, carry tombstones in 2nd night of protests over Derek Chauvin's release

  • Howie Hawkins, Green Party candidate for president

  • Syracuse's Howie Hawkins on his 30-state presidential bid: I'm not a spoiler

Sept. 2020

  • Green Party Message for International Day of Peace: Support UN Call for Global Ceasefire, Repeal Authorization for Use of Military Force Act

  • Green Party presidential nominee Howie Hawkins calls Cleveland debate a 'fraud,' opposes abolishing the police

  • Syracuse’s Howie Hawkins, shut out of presidential debate, to protest in Cleveland

  • Freedom Rider: Democrats' Climate Change Lies

  • Journal Times editorial: Elections Commission, state high court failed Wisconsin voters

  • Will a Biden foreign policy make a difference for the world?

  • Green Party candidate for US Senate talks to Peoria voters

  • Green Party's Muller Paz seeks to unseat Democrat Stokes in Baltimore's only competitive City Council race

  • Trump, Klacik wrong about Baltimore but not the danger of one-party rule

  • Editorial: The Supreme Court's last-minute delay in distribution of absentee ballots must be resolved immediately

  • Green presidential candidate makes Albany stop

  • The People’s Choice

  • COVID-19 afecta de forma desproporcionada el empleo de latinas y latinos de EE. UU.

  • Green Party to sue to make Wisconsin ballot

Aug. 2020

  • Green Party calls for a halt to nuclear arsenal build-up

  • Responding to voter suppression: understanding manipulated elections

  • Montana secretary of state asks Supreme Court to intervene in Green Party ballot fight

  • Letter to the Editor: Do Democrats believe in democracy?

  • Ballot victory in Ohio

  • Minnesota activists hold Juneteenth rally for reparations

  • Knee on the neck of Black Americans for 400 years

  • Black Lives Matter's Trahern Crews shines a light on Minneapolis and racism

  • Democrats aim to keep Greens off fall PA statewide ballot

  • Lisa Savage will participate in senatorial debate

  • Libertarian, Green parties field Black candidates for county executive

  • How can kids participate in virtual learning with no internet access?

  • View on Web TV: Green Party candidate for St. Louis County Executive Betsey Mitchell

  • Independent U.S. Senate hopeful Lisa Savage picks up backing of one-time Democratic rival

July 2020

  • Green Party Nominates Howie Hawkins/Angela Walker Presidential Ticket in Online Virtual Convention

  • Green, Libertarian Parties file suit against New York’s new ballot rules

  • A fresh face from the Green Party challenges Robert Stokes in the 12th District

June 2020

May 2020

  • George Floyd Response: Green Party US National Black Caucus Demands Accountability, Structural Changes to Save Black and Brown Lives From Police Brutality

  • Pennsylvania's minor political parties file lawsuit demanding ballot access

  • Coronavirus adds to ballot access hurdles for third party candidates

April 2020​

  • Green Party: Economic Stimulus Must Help Average Americans While Solving Climate Change

  • Green Party Lawsuits Allege States Are Exploiting COVID-19 to Limit Voter Options

  • Green Party Trends on Twitter, Sees Surge of Support, After Sanders Suspends Campaign

  • Greens Call For Solidarity With Labor Amid COVID-19 Crisis

  • Unable to collect signatures, third parties fear loss of ballot access

  • Ballot Access victory for Illinois Green Party

  • Covid-19 and the black working class

  • Will the pandemic keep third parties off the 2020 ballot?

  • COVID-19 is killing minor parties' ability to get candidates on the ballot in Minnesota

  • Third parties call for ballot access relief

  • Newark activist, Green Party candidate discuss Coronavirus crisis

  • Lawsuit: Ease requirements for 3rd-parties in Georgia amid coronavirus

  • Coronavirus restrictions create problems for independent and third-party candidates seeking a place on the fall ballot

  • ‘Virus or no virus, we can’t lose our voice’

  • Amid the outbreak, Minnesota's minor political parties will struggle to get on the ballot

  • Green Party of Philadelphia Elects 2020 Leaders

  • Jill Stein accuses Democrats of 'stacking' DNC committees with 'Never-Bernie corporate Dem elites'















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