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Greens: State Should End Fusion Voting

The issue of fusion voting elicits very different opinions from apparently identically situated entities - the minority political parties of New York State ["Public finance reform hearing," News, Sept. 11].


Newsday Letter to the Editor Published September 26,2019


The small parties insert their issues into the political mainstream. Some view fusion as a legitimate part of the process. The Green Party of New York does not.

Most of New York's small parties do not run their own candidates. They endorse a major political party candidate, trading their endorsement for that candidate's support on their issues.

The Green Party does run its own candidates, never endorsing Democrats nor Republicans. We draw attention to our issues by showing that Green candidates can draw votes, giving major parties reason to compete by supporting our issues.

Voters assume that when they see a person listed as the Green Party candidate for office, that person espouses Green Party values. But major party candidates need not run as Greens to appear on the ballot as Green Party nominees, because the party's consent isn't necessary. New York's opportunity-to-ballot petition process allows other parties to dishonestly co-opt our ballot line. The major parties perform taxidermy on the Green Party, killing its political free will and presenting a dead, stuffed specimen to the voting public.

Fusion voting lies to the public.

Allan Hunter, North Hempstead Editor's note: The write is treasurer of the Green Party of Nassau County #ThirdParty #ThirdParties #FusionVoting #NYFusion #NYFusionVoting #EndFusion #RankedChoiceVoting

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