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Stop The Williams Pipeline!

Take Action--Monday, July 8th--Call Governor Cuomo and urge him to STOP the WILLIAMS PIPELINE. On Monday call toll-free 877-235-6537. You will be put through to the Governor's Office where you will be able to either speak with one of the Governor's staffers or, if you choose, leave a message. Tell the Governor that he should 1) halt the Williams Pipeline--an unnecessary and environmentally harmful project and 2) stop the building of all new fossil fuel infrastructure projects. These projects, Williams among them, will only lock in the continued use of fossil fuels for years to come, contributing to more global warming and climate chaos.

Nassau Green Party members and friends are urged to join coalition partners Food and Water Watch, Sierra Club Long Island Group, South Shore Audubon Society, Nassau Hiking and Outdoor,Club, New York Communities for Change, Sane Energy Project and others to make the calls, beginning Monday. Williams has renewed its permit application with the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation so we must continue to voice our opposition to this misguided project Call Monday, July 8th to 877-235-6537. Monday will be the big call day, but if you can't call then, a call placed later during the week will still be great!

For more information on the Williams Pipeline go to: Please share this Action Alert widely!

For Easy-to-access prompts to send a comment to the DEC! Come on folks, let's OUT ORGANIZE Williams (again)!

Proposed Williams Pipeline Location

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